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Frequently Asked Questions

White Cotton Fabric
How do I prepare my quilt top for you?

Before you bring your quilt top to CYB Designs Longarm Studio, please make sure you have:

  • checked all your seams to make sure there are no gaps or loose stitches

  • laid it out and looked to see if it is squared up (sides are evenly trimmed)

  • noted any potential problem areas (e.g., a puckered seam, piecing that looks a little wonky, points that don't quite match)

  • trimmed any loose threads on the back that might ball up when quilting

Once you have checked and cleaned everything up, make a list of any potential problem areas for CYB so we can work with them as best we can. We are not miracle-workers but we do our best to make your quilt shine!

How much batting and/or backing do you need?

Please provide batting and/or backing that is at least 4 inches bigger than your quilt top on all four sides and is neatly trimmed. If you need to piece your backing, try to place the seam horizontally -- this distributes the split evenly, helps keep the seam straight, and makes it easier to quilt. If that's not possible, we will do what we can to make the seams line up vertically. Be sure to wash your backing before you give it to us -- it helps make the quilting smoother.

If you don't have access to batting and/or backing, or don't want to fuss with cutting it, we can provide them for you (see Services and Pricing). Inventory varies so let us know and we'll find what works best for your quilt top.

How long does it take to quilt my top?

Generally, we try to have your quilt finished and back to you within two weeks if the quilting request is for standard quilting (meander or edge-to-edge). If you want something more detailed or custom, we will talk with you about specific timelines.

I don't live in SW Washington. How do I get my quilt top to you?

The easiest way is to ship it to us. Contact us first so we can provide you with a shipping label and details on packing your quilt top and any backing or batting. Sometimes it's cheaper to ask us for the batting, depending on the size of your quilt top. We will also provide you with a Quilting Request Form, where you can tell us the kind of quilting you'd like, ideas on thread color, and specific pattern requests.

Once we receive your quilt top, we'll schedule a Zoom call so we talk through what you'd like and any areas that need special attention. Once it's finished, I'll send you a picture and invoice, including the cost of return shipping. We have various payment options available, and once payment is received I will send your precious bundle on its way!

I love your work -- how can I tell others about CYB Designs?

We love hearing from our customers and especially love when you tell others about your experience. We are on Facebook and Instagram, so feel free to post and share pictures of your quilts. If you have time to send us testimonials or comments directly, we will share them on our website and social media. If a referral mentions that you sent them, we'll give you a discount on your next quilt top!

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